Preschool Program

Immanuel Preschool provides personalized experiences that will prepare your child for a successful social, emotional, and academic future.

Here at Immanuel Preschool Program we follow Constructivist curriculum.  We believe learning occurs as children are actively involved in a process as opposed to passively receiving information. Children are the makers of their meaning and knowledge. Each class fosters critical thinking, and creates motivated and independent learners.  Putting your child(ren) in an enthusiastic class setting now will equip your child(ren) with curiosity and excitement to be a learner for life.  To learn more about Constructivist Teaching click HERE.

In the classroom.

The Immanuel Preschool classrooms are an enthusiastic environment with knowledgeable teachers who design a classroom setting for their specific group of children. Our incredible teachers create an authentic space because it is based on activities planned with their children’s interests in mind.  Teachers relax the schedule and take time to get to know the children individually as well as in a group. The teachers ask themselves many questions, such as “What are the children’s greatest interests?,” “Through which projects can these interests be encouraged and skills developed?,” and “How will we be able to guide children to seek the knowledge that is appropriate for them at this time?”


For further information or to schedule a tour of Immanuel Preschool’s facility, call Greg Windle, Preschool Director, at (513) 861-2692.