Purpose & Mission

Our Purpose at Immanuel

We are a community of faith, hope, love – and joy!
We are a diverse group of folks who want to be faithful neighbors with our community.
We have been given a common purpose in the world:  to make friends for God in the name of Jesus Christ.

We seek to do this in three ways:

•Offer a friendly, caring place for our Clifton neighbors to facilitate community
•Provide an opportunity for them to worship God with their families
•Invite them to join us in the service of others near and far as part of our witness to God’s love

Our Mission at Immanuel

God calls us to reach out beyond ourselves to serve others with generosity and passion.

Today Immanuel is in mission to:

•Provide the oldest continuous preschool in Cincinnati – “A” rated by the State of Ohio
•Offer hospitality to international students and their families
•Welcome University of Cincinnati students
•Minister to area retirement residences
•Host an annual Vacation Bible School that embraces our community and beyond
•Partner with out Honduras medical missionary
•Take part in the Heiffer Project to relieve world hunger
•Participate in the annual CROP Walk for hunger
•Assist walk-ins and support St. George’s Interfaith Pantry
•Share our facilities with community organizations and groups
•Work with others for the betterment of our society, standing with those in greatest need

Check out this video on “Resurrection” from Rob Bell:


Another great video on lead singer of the U2, Bono, discussing the Psalms with the writer of the Message, Rev. Eugene Peterson (PCUSA)

Bono & Eugene Peterson on the Psalms