Worship Service begins at 10:30 AM every Sunday011215,r1,f11006

This worship experience includes hymns, liturgy and sermon with a traditional style but a casual feel.

Music is a central part of Sunday morning worship at Immanuel.  Click HERE to learn more about Immanuel’s Music Ministry.

Sunday School

Every Sunday involves every member of the family from infant to adult.  Click HERE to find more on Children’s Ministry.  Click HERE to find more on Adult study opportunities.

Music Ministry

Music is an integral part of Worship here at IPC.  There is something for everyone.  Most Sundays you will hear the beautiful organ and Piano selections offered for Worship by IPC’s incredibly talented organist, Sarah Bereza. On the third Sunday of the month, you will hear IPC’s incredible Praise Band led by guitar and voices.  And of course most Sundays you will hear the hard work of the Choir, bringing a faithful and polished sound, helping us direct our eyes to The Author of all things.

  • Choir
  • Musical performances with a wide variety of instruments
  • Praise Band
  • Organ

Coffee & Conversation

Each Sunday we invite everyone to come to our “coffee & conversation” time after church. Our coffee is provided by “Deeper Roots”.  A local roaster that has a great fair and direct trade ethic, making sure that growers in developing countries get paid a fair wage for their work!  This is a relaxed space to meet with friends you know, and an opportunity to get to know new friends.  Contact Kathy Kessler at if you are willing to donate snacks or donate your time with hospitality on Sunday mornings.